Meet the inventor...

When I was growing up in the ‘50s, the nearest sugar fix was a long walk—that’s right, I said “walk”—down the road. It wasn’t uphill both ways, and it wasn’t (always) in the snow, but still, when you needed something tasty, you made it yourself.

My sister and I were in charge of the cooking while my Mother, the postmaster, was out braving the snow, rain, heat and gloom of night, and well … I wasn’t always known for being “on task.” While my dear sister had her hands in the meatloaf, I was occupying myself with a different set of ingredients. The sweet ones. 

It took months and not one bit of sugar, butter, or milk was wasted, but finally, one night, I had it, the alchemical miracle that transformed six simple ingredients into pure taste bud transcendence.

No, I’m not exaggerating. You try cooking with sugar. Until that very second that you get it right, it’s a disaster. (A delicious disaster.) But when you DO hit that exact, tiny window of perfection … well, it’s perfection. Trust me.

You know what, you don’t even have to trust me. You can find out for yourself, because, luckily for you, my little turtledoves, I have turned my secret over to the most capable hands I know: my daughter.

Go on and see what’s coming out of her Sweet Six kitchen. You won’t be sorry.


Have a sweet day!