The Best Meal of My Life

During the late summer of 2000, I traveled through France and Italy with my Aunt Mimi and Cousin Mark. I had just completed a year of living in Japan. Imagine going directly from Asian cuisine to European cuisine. Oh, the cheeses and butters and breads just won my heart over. Gastronomically, it was the best year of my life, and the best meal of my life was during that trip. 

Mimi had a little stone house in Caen, which is in Normandy. We traveled by tiny Peugeot from there down to Grenoble and into Italy. Between Caen and Grenoble we stopped in Nohant-Vic near the Loire Valley. George Sand's chateau is there. The chateau itself is lovely and boasts a beautiful garden. George Sand grew up there and most of her work was written there. The Eighteenth Century building still retains its romantic charm and it is outfitted with her furnishings and decor just as when she was living.

The hotel is called Auberge de la Petite Fadette. It is an eight room hotel that I would call more of an Inn. It's lovely. The dining room is well-lit and has a large, grey, stone fireplace. The three of us sat down at a wooden table covered with a crisp white tablecloth. Little did I know that my life was about to change. The courses kept coming; one after the other and more and more delicious.

Terrine of foie gras with chutney and mesclun. Roasted Sea Bass with Artichokes Barigoule. 

(These are not sentences, I know, but they are worthy of a period just for being in existence.) 

Saddle of perfectly cooked lamb with rosemary. This dinner is where I discovered Cote du Rhone wine, sheep cheeses, and where one course is whisked away during conversation and another appears as if by magic. Perfectly presented on simple, beautiful white dishes. 

(Insert another bottle of wine here.)

The meal ended four hours later with Melba peach pudding topped with crushed raspberries. Chocolate mousse with Bailey's. A cheese plate to end all cheese plates followed by even more wine and finally a cappuccino and an espresso and two well-deserved Gitanes.

If I could go back in time, I would go to this dinner and yes, I would photograph my food.

Everyone has that one meal, the one that is their favorite. Perhaps it sticks in mind because of the time in your life that it marked, or because of the location, or the people who accompanied you. For me it was all of those things and that is why it was the best.

Jenny DeWitt

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