How To: Soften Hardened Brown Sugar

Have you ever gone into your cupboard and found that your box or bag of brown sugar has hardened? I mean really gotten as hard as a rock? I just learned a neat trick from Mom that will soften it up.

Make sure your brown sugar is in an airtight, plastic bag. Add a slice of apple to the bag and then close the bag tightly.

The brown sugar will re-hydrate with the liquid from the slice of apple. It won't change the flavor of the brown sugar and you don't have any wasted product. 

This also works with a slice of bread, or a slice of lemon. Amazing!

**Note that this won't happen immediately. It isn't real magic. Mom says put the apple in the bag and then put the bag back where you found it for a couple of days. It should start to soften in about 12 hours, but may take longer for the entire bag.

Jenny DeWitt

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