Gardening at Home

I've gotten on a organic vegetable kick. I can't stop buying organic. I think I've convinced myself that no matter how well I wash conventional vegetables and fruits, I just don't know what was in the soil and how many of the pesticides made it through the skin to the heart of my food. It makes me nervous. The media hasn't helped any with their reports of ecoli and salmonella, recalled peanut butter, spinach, and tainted meat. In order to know what I'm eating I figure I have to grow it myself. 

Look, I do not have a green thumb. Plants and I, well, we are not friends. They commit suicide or I murder them, whichever scenario you choose to go with. Miraculously I've kept one jade plant alive for over six months. It's a start; a small start, but I'm counting it as a sign of my changing luck with plants. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to build a square foot garden. And before you say, "But it's OCTOBER!?" You have to know that I live in Florida. It's warm and sunny and green here twelve months out of the year. We don't use the 'F' word here. ('F' for freezing, of course.) 

So, I found this infographic on Frugal Dad and thought I'd give it a try. It lays things out pretty plainly and it's easy to follow. But, as I mentioned I don't know much about gardening so any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. What do you think? Will it work?

Jenny DeWitt

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